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Did you ever have an adverse reaction to COVID vaccine or pills?

What is Covid Bullying?
"Humanity at war"

Covid bullying is the act of political authorities enforcing mandates upon citizens, using coercion for medical procedures, imposing restrictions and lockdowns against the people, and sending citizens to detention camps against their will. Trying to make the public and businesses comply by incentivizing those who enforce and follow covid protocol and penalizing those who don't. Covid Bullying is also peer-to-peer social pressure, demoralizing those who choose their information, science, and data and protection from covid. As a final note, covid bullying consists of mainstream outlets that use psychological tactics, such as fear tactics, to prevent critical thinking while censoring citizens and professionals and preventing them from voicing their opinions.

Our PSA Message


Who We Are   
"No, new normal"         

Founded as an advocacy group for medical freedom, we are an international movement for social justice against covid extremists. Our backgrounds differ and include different religious beliefs, vaccination statuses, and cultural groups with a common goal of choosing protection from covid. We work together to raise awareness about covid issues that affect us all as a community. Together, we are forming a united front to address the abuses of political power against humanity. As a unified front, we oppose discrimination against those who have exercised their right to self-determination, protection against covid, and rights as citizens. 
In the end, we would like to see citizens getting back to their normal way of life pre-covid, not their oppressive, controlling, and enslaving new norm. 

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What We Do
"Fighting for citizens"

Lock Downs

All citizens should have the right to move around freely. It is a crime against humanity to incarcerate and starve people in camps and other housing facilities.

Medical Choice
Free Speech

Each individual should be able to choose what they put in and on their bodies. No one should be forced or penalized for choosing what is best for their health.

Individuals should have a voice, be able to share information, and be informed about issues that affect us all. Especially on social media platforms, big tech cannot be used by the government as a control mechanism for information. Citizens should be allowed to express themselves freely. We should not be silenced, fact-checked or derogatory labeled based on our experiences regarding vaccines, PCR tests and wearing masks.

Vaccines Liability

In the midst of the pandemic, vaccine manufacturers and their stakeholders made billions of dollars. Political leaders shielded vaccine manufacturers from legal liability. Millions of people who took the injection should be protected as well, especially those suffering from severe side effects from the MRNA.

Science and Data 

To be transparent, vaccine manufacturers and health organizations must share all data from clinical trials, vaccine effects, side effects, etc. Vaccine manufacturers and health organizations shouldn't hide data related to covid from the public. The legal system should not be a place where big pharma can hide information from the public, and the public should not be required to rely solely on the information the government releases.

Freedom to work

Small businesses were destroyed by stay-at-home orders while big corporations benefited. Business, education, and other organizations are forced to follow government regulations, and those who refuse are fined. Citizens struggled financially because of these policies, causing depression, abuse cases, and crime to skyrocket. During this time, politicians and corporations made millions and billions in profit at the expense of citizens and small business owners, in the name of covid safety. As citizens, we must be able to do our work free from government tyranny.

How you can help

How you can help "Strength in Numbers"

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Donate to our cause and help us spread our message.  

While defending our rights and freedoms, we strive to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and consideration today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Below are ways you can help.

Get involved as a volunteer by contacting us.

You can buy virtual signal gear from our online store.

Find out how to become a partner by contacting us.

You can download and share our latest PSA advertisement by clicking the link below.


Join the movement

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By contacting us, supporting our work, volunteering, partnering with us, or virtual signaling, with our official gear, you can join the Movement to fight for Freedom, Empowerment and Justice.


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